Children’s Book: Helping Ava Grow! is NOW Available

Children's Book for families coping with their diagnosis of IGF-1 Deficiency and also Growth Hormone Deficiency.
Inside Sample of Helping Ava Grow! By: Sandy Taylor

HELPING AVA GROW! is a caring children’s book about a sweet 4-year old girl. It chronicles how she and her family learn to adjust to life, including introducing the injections, eating healthy, and staying connected during this trying time. The book is intended to create a dialog with children, communicating together about this medical life change, and the impact it has on the whole family – even siblings. Explaining the process in a caring and loving way was really important to mother and author, Sandy Taylor, whose daughter, Ava inspired this book.

The book was created because Ava’s parents discovered there was very little material appropriate for children that explained the process of treatment. As a graphic designer, Sandy felt it was necessary to create this book. Through the process of creating the book, it became a coping tool for this mother as well. She hopes families can use HELPING AVA GROW! to cope with their diagnosis of Growth Hormone Deficiency and IGF-1 Deficiency.

HELPING AVA GROW! is $17.95 plus $4.00 shipping & handling in the continental US only. Please contact me for shipping to other locations.


Thank you, Sandy

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